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What is a cryptic clue?

A cryptic crossword is a special type of crossword where the clues are not straightforward definitions of a word, but consist of various forms of wordplay that obscure the meaning you're looking for.

Cryptic clues are fiendishly difficult for a computer to solve because there are so many types of clues and they all require different strategies. I often think that when the robots have taken all the jobs from the humans, the only job left will be that of cryptic crossword setter!

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This cryptic crossword solver has a go at these types of clue: Anagrams, double definitions, reversals, homophones, charades, hidden words, containers and subtractions. It is not yet clever enough to tackle straight cryptic clues!

And, of course, most real cryptic crossword clues are not of one kind, but combine elements of more than one type of clue, making them infuriatingly difficut to tackle!.

So often this machine won't be able to find any answers! But be forgiving, it is trying really hard and I'm always trying to make it better! If your clue does not bring back any answers, drop me a line and I will try to take a look at it. But no promises.. This is a hobby, not a job :-)

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