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An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once (Wikipedia).

Are you an accomplished anagrammatist? We are not! The examples above are topical, but not very clever!

We are using our list of recently added solutions and jumbling up the letters to generate daily fresh examples.

That list is updated daily. We look for popular articles in Wikipedia (based on users' page views) and add the new ones to our database every night.

These are better though: Who gives Random advice? And who is this guy who claims: I'm a jerk but listen?

And who is a flirty swot?

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Newly added anagram solutions Louis Rwagasore Kongsberg Marie Wilcox Agnes Tirop McMahon Eddie Jaku Hadley Gamble Thumb twiddling Crozier Claudia Lennear Timuel Black Antonio Berni Victor Gregg Ludwig Haas Dale Kildee Insular art Anne Saxelby Renton Laidlaw Abdulrazak Gurnah Timothy Broglio Strange Bargain Meikyukai Zafar Usmanov Mister Bones Ordine Nuovo Stanley Kaplan Grace Neutral RSS First Step Insular G Dylan Richardson Mogobe Ramose Erythrosine Melanie Gibbons Rikky von Opel Henri de Montigny Easily Ltd Brian Marwood Kaiserwagen Varun Kamal Himeji Station Kells Crozier Ammanford Ray Sullivan Dopesick Launch Site One Arthur Yamga Nathan Edmondson Phoneutria fera Lismore Crozier Christ Tshiunza
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