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A cryptic charade clue is perhaps the most common type of cryptic clue.

In a charade clue, you find two or more words than when put together make another word.

For example:

Hang heavy like long stories (5)

In this case:

  • Hang heavy = Sag.
  • Like = As.

So if you put them together you get Sagas (long stories)

Here's another example:

Behold the wrath of the river (5)

In this case:

  • Behold = Lo!.
  • Wrath = Ire.

So if you put them together you get Loire (A river in France)

The sheer amount of wordplay that goes on in charade clues make them extremely hard to solve by computer!

But they are also some of the most satisfying once you have solved them!

Now try this clue:

Obvious spat for defendant (9)

If you are stumped, give it to the machine!

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