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A Container-type clue is one where one word is "contained" inside another word to produced the answer.

How can you tell that the clue you are looking at is an container type clue? And how do you solve it?

Here is a typical container-type clue:

Make a confession about poetry being stitched together (8)

These clues generally consist of four parts:

  1. The definition. This is the solution you are looking for, stitched together in the case above.
  2. A container "indicator" - This is a word (or words) that signal to the solver that the clue is in fact a container-type clue. Because these clues are all about words inside of other words, container indicators are often words that signify something being inside something else, or things being around other things, like about in the clue above.
  3. A clue to the word (or words) that wrap around other words. In this case Make a confession.
  4. A clue to the word (or words) that are inside the above wrapper. In this case poetry.

In this case:

  • Make a confession = Own (to).
  • Poetry = verse.

So if you put one inside the other you get oVERSEwn (stitched together).

There are a lot of container indicators. Other examples are words like "around", "embrace" or "inside". So you can't memorise them all! You just need to get a "feel" for the sorts of words that signal a container-type clue.

Now try this clue:

Object put into torn clothing (7)

If you are stumped, give it to the machine!

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